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We employ the standard tactics of research, testing, planning and refinement yet we exercise an unusually fast paced approach. We don’t waste time, keeping costs to a minimum wherever possible and ensuring that your budget is spent in the most effective way.

Blowfish prides itself on its unique and intuitive style, rarely found in today’s industry – making us the ideal partner for small to medium size businesses that are seeking to define and grow their business and brand.

Strategic Analysis Strategic Marketing Tools
Market/Trend Analysis Marketing Plans
Internal vs. External Analysis Marketing Mix Modeling
Perception Analysis Marketing Communication
Touch Point Audits Media Planning
Copywriting & Editing
Market-Driven Growth Strategies Tagline/Slogan Creation
Vision Public Relations
Identifying Opportunities Web Design
Value Proposition Site Prototyping
Growth Web Development
Blogging & Social Media
New Growth Opportunities Search Engine Optimization
Growth Strategy
White Space Identification
New Products & Services
Business Modeling



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