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With the world economies slowly picking up, multiple sectors of many businesses are recognizing the importance of the impact of the global marketplace, while attempting to leverage current trends in marketing.

Both social media marketing and advanced web communication are important approaches to business that are rapidly expanding. One significant trend, appearing with greater frequency, is the necessity for not only brand value, but extreme brand transparency. It is clear that various diverse companies are investing more in social media and web optimization and less in print media and the like. Consumers, in the last decade, have begun spending increasing time on the Internet and less time reading magazines and listening to public radio. The old trends in advertising are quickly becoming obsolete and in order to stay abreast and maintain market share, businesses are taking great measures to keep up with consumers and are gravitating towards web-based marketing. Although the mastery of social media tools does not, by any means, guarantee market domination or any concrete increase in profits, it does allow businesses to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Blowfish is well aware of the weight that web communication carries with it and strives, on a daily basis, to optimize that communication of its clients.

A major misunderstanding of social media marketing and web optimization can mean the difference between ROI maximization and a mere attempt at keeping up with the joneses. There is a large difference between social presence and structured digital marketing initiatives. Investing in social media can range in investment of time and money but without a clear strategy, one’s attempts can vanish within the vast Internet home to many an attempt to increase web presence. What we have learned, through experience and education, and have applied to our services here at Blowfish- is that consumers are spending more time on the internet and therefore, a business must have organized guidelines, direction and clear strategies before integrating aggressive media marketing into their organizations.

Those of us associated with the intricate world of marketing are well aware of the empowerment of our consumers- through the web and increasing brands entering the market on a daily basis. Therefore, our clients are dealing with amplified competition and a more knowledgeable consumer base. Companies are forced to pay heed to everything from behavioral sciences to the shifting desires and moods of consumers. Businesses are compelled to boost their efforts in reaching both existing and potential clients- to warrant relevance and create communities with buying potential. Furthermore, due to a number of circumstances, consumers are not only hoping for more brand transparency, they are demanding it. Buyers are shying away from opaque brands and leaning towards products they know- and brands they can trust. Therefore, social media not only presents a platform for physical presence, but if utilized correctly, it can be a platform for brands to express who they are in a clear and efficient manner- reaching the market, and altering themselves if necessary, within instants of launch.

Social media is a communication channel easily accessible to nearly everyone with Internet access. The essential ingredient is in finding the right approach to web communication to fit the client’s needs, engaging and interacting effectively with consumers, and leveraging the best current social media practices.

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