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It all started on a fall day in 2008- 60 students from around the world gathered on a business school campus in Barcelona, Spain to begin what would end up being one of the most incredible journeys of many of their lives- an MBA. Today, six of those students have banded together to bring their collective knowledge, experience and education to the intricate world of marketing. Our founder, Nirankar Khalsa, had the vision (and insight) to carefully choose five of his classmates to aid him in pursuing not only his dream, but an endeavor long anticipated.

The idea to begin his own consulting company was born from a passion for marketing and branding and infinite experience in the field. With great risk, comes great reward- thus, our Nirankar decided to take a leap of faith and start his own firm in the middle of the worst financial crisis of our lifetime. Yet at the same time- along with the obstacles, come the advantages. The world is changing, business is changing and therefore- marketing is changing. Nirankar saw an opportunity to bring a new perspective, utilizing the latest tools and the brightest minds, fresh out of business school- to bring new light to marketing.

And where better to do it? New York! However, bring that the “fish” come from many different backgrounds and are comprised of many nationalities (American, Spanish, Iranian, Indian, …..), not to mention the fact that they have all lived around the world and continue to work internationally- the “fish”es global perspectives are limitless. Therefore, Blowfish is already offering services in both Europe and Asia, and is continuing to build its network of consultants across the globe- offering insight far more comprehensive, and wider ranging, than a traditional local consulting firm.

By starting small and working with SME’s, Blowfish is able to offer valuable insight, direction and strategic vision that assists these companies in realizing their potential, in a turbulent marketplace. Our clients are our partners, not our customers- and together, we build long lasting, profitable relationships.

Why “Blowfish”? Well, I am sure that each “fish” has a different story- or reason for selecting/fancying the name. And one day, when the time is right, we will share. For now, lets say that collectively, we wanted a brand with a unique resonance, creative quality and different character. The image of a small temperate fish, expanding into a large and powerful creature is only one interesting aspect of the brand. We wanted a brand name that could be built on. We aimed to establish something innovative, sincere and out of the ordinary- something that we can allow to grow organically, like blowfish, throughout the passage of time.

Therefore, whether you are building a company, creating a product or just dealing with the basics of branding- let us help you. We can guide by employing our bright staff, excellent partners, and combined knowledge and experience. Furthermore, for us at Blowfish, we love what we do- and we hope to not only create a fantastic product for our clients, but to share with them- the joy and excitement that we feel through all steps of the process.

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Blowfish is born
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